The Ancient Order of the Leprechaun

A Little Green Fun
For Raising Some Funds 2015

Leprechaun in Fez On March 8, 2015 the King of the Leprechauns has given permission to the Chief of the Faiche Clan to hold a gathering of Leprechauns in Toledo. The King of the Leprecahun's has declared that this event shall be open to members of the Masonic fraternity for the purpose of raising funds to help Right Worshipful Brother Rob Rill and Prophet Josh Anderson as they progress through their respective state officer lines.

The Ancient Order of Leprechauns holds the secrets to good times and bottomless pots of gold. While they eschew what they call Tall Ones, the Leprechauns are always open for a good toast or fine joke. If you ever meet a Leprechaun be sure to offer him good cheer and some quick witted wisdom.

Proceeds from this event will go to support RWB Rob Rill's year as Grand Master for Ohio, as well as to PM Josh Anderson 's year as President of the Ohio Grotto Association. O-Ton-Ta-La Grotto is underwriting this event to aid these two gentlemen on their journeys.

This event will be held at Tony Packo's Cafe at the Park (downtown location) on March 8. This event is open to all Masons. The cost is $30 per person, which includes dinner, dessert, and your leprechaun pin. A cash bar will be available. RSVP with payment to the secretary of the Grotto NO LATER THAN FEBRURARY 28. Only 50 tickets are available for this event, so please get you rreservation in early.

Leprecahun 2015- Flyer and Registration Information

Gallery of Past Leprechaun Degree Events

We are lacking in pics from our event in Toledo in March of 2014 and only a couple of pics from the Youngstown event in March of 2014 exist.

Doing Degree Work Working to bring some new Leprechauns into our midst. (March 2013)
A Toast! Toasting our new Leprechaun brethern. (March 2013)
Drinking Grand Grand Line Officer Mark McCombs enjoying a little refreshment. (March 2013)
Two Handed Fun That's one happy Leprechaun there. (Ron Hindman) (March 2013)
Showing Certs Showing Leprechaun pride. (March 2013)
Proof of Lep Showing proof that they are Leprechauns. (March 2013)
Proud to be a Lep Proud to be a Leprechaun. (Jim Moomey) (March 2013)
Chief of the Leps Proud to be the Chief of the Leprechauns. (Mark Anderson) (March 2013)
Leprechauns around the state Socialing and Relazing in Youngstwon this time. (Leprechauns around the state) (March 2014)
Leprechauns around the state We took the Leprechauns to Youngstown for 2014. (Leprechauns around the state) (March 2014)
Talking Leprechauns Conversation and toasting were in abundance (March 2013)
Two idiots Our Leprechaun King/Toast Master (Josh Anderson) with our candidate (Tim Brooks). (March 2013)
Leprechaun Fashion PGM Pierre and Leprechaun king Josh Anderson showing the Leprechaun style. (March 2013)